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That awkward moment when the NRA is asked to comment on the latest mass shooting and needs to ask “which one?” because there’s so many.
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It’s exactly what you think it is and you need to listen to it.

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Carnist: I eat a lot of fruit and veg
Response: Wow, that's really healthy
Vegan: I eat a lot of fruit and veg
Response: Yeah, you'll be dead soon.

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Look back in forgiveness, look forwards in trust. Be here now in Love.
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With both her parents being nature photographers, Tippi Degre has had one amazing childhood. Before she was born, her French parents relocated to Namibia, Africa, where she grew up alongside wild animals such as zebras, elephants, cheetahs, and lions. During her stay in Namibia, she befriended a 28-year old elephant named Abu.